BBH—Halloween Reads

I wasn’t sure what this prompt meant. Have I ever read a whole book on Halloween? Like, has it been a thing I have done, where I’ve read a special book on 10/31. No.

Have I read anything on Halloween? I mean, of course? I read 350 days a year, I’d reckon, and Halloween is one of those days, so…

That said, I read NOTHING this year on the 31st. I was thinking about this prompt in the week leading up to the day, and certainly expected that I would have Halloween reading to report…but then I woke up on the 1st and just didn’t… and I have no idea why.

2 thoughts on “BBH—Halloween Reads

  1. I got some reading in on the 31st this year, in amongst everything else I was doing, but it was just the book I currently had out from the library.

    I gave no thought to whether I “should” be reading something thematically matched to the day; and that didn’t happen to be. Though I guess the next book in my stack, which I started the next day, after wrapping up the prior book, might have been more thematically synchronized to Halloween (fighting monsters, zombies, etc. for fun and profit; because automatic weapons and a government bounty system).

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