Let’s talk about grades and content ratings.

I kind of hate rating books.

As I’ve said before…or elsewhere…books are sort of ternary for me. I hated it, it was fine, I loved it.

But three star systems aren’t really popular, and probably for good reason.

Goodreads uses five stars, with no h alfsies, and that is also, in its way, frustrating because sometimes a book just isn’t three, but three-and-a-half. I know that doesn’t make sense with the three-star system above, but my brain doesn’t always make sense. L

But Susan at Bloggin ‘Bout Books uses a grading system, A through F, and THAT does make sense to me, so I stole it.

So, here they are…the fifty-two ratings:

I may also add a plus or minus to these, as I’m feeling that the book was just a *little* better or worse than the rating would suggest. I’ll probably call out in the review what caused that tiny little difference.

This brings us to content ratings.

Because I know that a fair number of people try to avoid gruesome violence or explicit sex, I’m also going to assign a content rating to the books I review. I will NOT assign this rating to books that show up in a top-ten list, or on any other meme. This only applies to the Wednesday reviews.

I’m using the MPAA rating system, mostly because it’s so familiar. For ratings that could be because of multiple things, I’ll try to call out why I gave it the rating that I did in the review itself.