52 Books. 52 Weeks.

So, I know this guy who is writing a horror blog, reviewing, or, really, discussing one movie a day for 365 days.

Me, I’m not that ambitious.

And also, I don’t watch movies anymore. But I read.

A lot.

So, every week, imma talk about a book I read that week. Not review it, necessarily. I’m not so good with the reviews. But I’ll try to talk about something that makes it interesting, or good, or fascinating, or important, or newsworthy.

52 books. 52 weeks.

In addition to the book of the week, there will be other content about books, and reading, and ereaders, and treeware, and libraries. And probably some other things that I am not anticipating. That is just how my mind works.

But, first book of the 52 will forthcome later this week. I can see that you are on tenterhooks.

Oh, the blog guy can be found doing his thing at blogferatu.com.

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