BBH: Book Tours

Billy himself @ Coffee Addicted Writer has this week’s question—

Have you ever participated in a book tour?

I have not. Honestly, I would not even be sure where to start! I have been reading and reviewing *some* arcs, but that is kind of the farthest I have ventured into the business of marketing and promotion.

If you participate in book tours, how did you get started? Remember, I’ve only been here since July, so I am still very wet behind the ears. :_

2 thoughts on “BBH: Book Tours

  1. I was contacted about doing a blog tour after I wrote a review for a book on NetGalley. Then I researched some of the companies and signed up on some lists. I enjoyed them for a while, but now I prefer to choose what I want to read and will only do a blog tour for a book I’ve already decided to read anyway.

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    1. That makes sense. I’m enough of a mood reader, and neurodivergent enough, that I have a hard time even reading my arcs early…I can’t imagine the pressure of a blog tour.


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