BBH: Genres I avoid

This week’s question comes to us from Cheryl @ I Heart Fictional People) who asks:

 What genre do you refuse to read and why? 

I don’t know that there is a genre that I *refuse* to read, but there are certainly genres that hold much less allure for me than others. Not a huge fan of horror, or high fantasy, or hard sci-fi, although I have read and enjoyed books in all of those genres.

I don’t read books with dogs in them, generally, unless I know that the dog survives. Killing a dog, especially if that dog was a featured character in the book, is a hard pass for me. Books about dogs that die after a long, happy life are also a no-go.

I also avoid sad books, in general. I have spent enough time sad in my life that to seek out additional sad is…well…I mean, it doesn’t make sense. Which again doesn’t mean that a book with a sad element is an automatic no…but I feel like…

Ok. I’m going to just go there. Books like Colleen Hoover’s, which seem designed to just **wreck you** emotionally…no. Not getting on that train with you, CoHo.

(Off to hide from all the CoHo fans. I’ll just be under a sturdy desk.)

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8 thoughts on “BBH: Genres I avoid

  1. I also tend to avoid horror. Also don’t go for romance, and only sometimes for crime or mystery (often only if it is a story set is a genre I already enjoy; a fantasy, or sci-fi mystery for example),

    That said, a really strong personal recommendation from someone who knows the type of books I do enjoy is enough to get me to check out a book outside my normal comfort zone.

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  2. Haha, I totally get your comment about CoHo’s books though. To date, I’ve only read two of her books and for some reason, despite her being so well-loved and me always being intrigued by what people say about her books, I still haven’t felt the desire to read more of her. I think if there’s any genre I avoid it’s horror cos I am a weenie. Great post!

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  3. Haha! You’re hiding from CoHo fans. That’s hilarious. I wouldn’t say that I search out sad books, but I’m usually blown away by the way they touch me when I read them.
    I also don’t read much sci-fi, fantasy or horror.

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  4. I agree with you about books with dogs. They have to be happy loyal sidekicks, and not die in the book. But, I do love a sad book from time to time. I do enjoy Colleen Hoover’s books, but I sandwich her books between happy books.


  5. Agreed, there are very few genres I don’t care for, and I steer clear of those for the most part, but I have read one or two in each that I haven’t minded too much. However, I would say that erotica is the one I absolutely refuse to read – in fact, when a regular novel has a really graphic sex scene, or too many sex scenes, I have been known to DNF those books.


  6. Horror really isn’t for me, and I’m not the biggest fan of police procedurals. I do sometimes enjoy an ugly cry book but I don’t particularly enjoy overly angsty books.


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