Sunday Post: February 13, 2022

Hello, my lovelies.

Sitting here watching the end of the Super Bowl with three sleeping animals. My team didn’t make it, but I am nominally rooting for the Rams, who are ahead, but who may have left the Bengals too much time. Ah, well.

I grew up in a football family. My Dad coached, both at the high school level and also at the college level. NAIA Div-18. Plus, it was Pittsburgh in the 70s, and so we were all nominally football people. Sunday dinner was always scheduled to be over by 12:55, so that we all had time to pile into my Nanna’s living room, and get WTAE on the TV for the Steeler game. We wore our Black and Gold like it was our personal tartan.

I still do.

It was actually the real reason I was glad to be sorted into Hufflepuff—I already had an entire black and gold wardrobe.

And as the clock ticks away, it looks like the Bengals will not make the comeback that I expected. So, you know, go LA.

For my non-football fans, though, I’ll leave you with this—

Got some new glasses this week from Pair Eyewear, and even though their lead time is currently running at a solid month, in the end, I think that the glasses were worth it.

If you haven’t seen the ubiquitous commercials, Pair glasses have small magnets in the frames, near the hinges. They make thin “toppers” that you can stick to the front via the magnets, which allows you to essentially change your frames as often as you want.

I bought nine toppers with my original order, and have two more shipping right now. I maybe be a little obsessed.

Note that pair #7 is a Hufflepuff frame. I mean, see above.

If you are interested in picking up a pair, I have a discount code worth $20 off your first order—

I read two books this week, which is a very low number. Partly, that was due to the Olympics, partly it was because the first book didn’t grab me till I was probably 40% of the way in, which made that one a slog for the first couple days as I read 10% a day before I got frustrated, and partly it was because I was tired

The Match is an #ARC, and that review will forthcome next week. Weather Girl was a pretty straightforward friends-to-lovers, but with a ton of emphasis on people who struggle with depression, people with body image issues and people who aren’t great at advocating for themselves. I liked the characters more than the plot, which bogged down for me in places, but the characters made up for it somewhat.

OK, that’s all from the sidelines. Gonna go back to my book, and listen to some Olympic coverage.

Till next week, stay safe, wear your colors, and try to win a gold medal in something, even if it’s just napping.

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