LTB: 2022 Goals

Hi! How’s everyone doing today? Me, I’ve had a head cold for…well, I guess just four days, but wow, it feels like longer. And the medicine I am taking is making me sleeeeepy, so it will be a miracle if I don’t just, you know, narcolepse out of this post.

If narcolepse isn’t a verb it should be.

This week’s topic on Let’s Talk Bookish is all about goals:

As we enter the new year many of us will be setting goals on Goodreads and choosing new year’s resolutions. What are your goals related to your blog or books/reading in general? Are you going to have resolutions this year, if not why not?

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I hate failure. I do make a Goodreads goal, but that is because I like shiny prizes more than I hate failure, but even then, I only make it about half the time.

By shiny prizes, I do mean that pretty ”you did it!” graphic. They aren’t giving me, like, a Rolex or anything.

In 2021, I read an absolutely absurd number of books: 170. So, for 2022, maybe I should shoot for something reasonable, something achievable, something that I know I can make. 52, maybe…or 100?

Nope, I went all in with 175…and I am already two books behind because of the cold and the narcolepsy.

My other goal for reading is to diversify a little. You may remember this graphic from last week:

Man, I read a lot of the same stuff.

So, 2022 is going to feature more Science Fiction, more Non-Fiction, and maybe a historical novel or two. Anything that was woefully under-represented, I’m going to try to get represented in next year’s pie.

Note that I am not saying “I’m going to read 12 non-fiction books”. That way lies disappointment. I’m also not doing reading challenges. I’m such a mood reader that I never finish them.

But I am going to try to read some stuff that is a little outside my comfort bubble.

As for the Blog, I did move things around a little so that I am not committing to five days in a row. It’s not much of a break, but by moving LTB to Friday, I have a day between the Sunday Post and Top Ten Tuesday, which are the two posts each week that take the most time. Having Mondays off in between is going to feel like a damn vacation.

So that’s it, my small-but-achievable goals for 2022. What reading (or blog) goals are you setting for yourself? Hit me up in the comments.

The Let’s Talk Bookish meme is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion.

8 thoughts on “LTB: 2022 Goals

  1. Great post! I’m terrible at achieving mine and feel kinda shoddy after but I still keep trying every year 😂 I like your idea about cutting down on blog posts—I’ve thought of doing the same several times but then I panicked and didn’t end up doing it? I need to convince myself it’s okay to not post every day and my blog won’t fall apart if I don’t post! 🙈 Good luck with your goals!

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  2. I hope you feel better soon! I also agree that resolutions feel like setting yourself up for failure. I’ve actually lowered my Goodreads goal, even though I achieved last year’s target because I definitely slowed down my reading rate the last few months. My big aim is to read more books that I already own.

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  3. Lol. When you said you set a Goodreads goal because you like shiny prizes, I was like, “you get prizes?!?” and then I kept reading. 😂. I hope you feel better soon. Colds are so miserable 🤗

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