LTB: How many books is too many?

This week’s question is not-credited, so I assume that it came from either Dani or Rukky themselves. They ask:

With holidays coming up there’s bound to be a lot of gift giving. I’m sure many of us will ask for more books to add to our collection – but how many books is too many? Do you think the book community encourages over consumption?

My first, gut response is that there is no such thing as too many books. But then I look at my own circumstance, and the fact that I had so many books in this house at one point that I was tripping over them.

Because of this, I transitioned to an e-reader 11 years ago.

So, yes, I suppose that there can be too many books for your physical space. I suppose that there also could be an issue of affording all those books, too.

But if you have the space and the money to collect books, then, no, I don’t see there being an upper number of books that is the ‘right’ number.

As to whether the book blogging community encourages overconsumption, well, maybe? But, again, I don’t ever see that as a bad thing. I walked away from Top Ten Tuesday last week with 32 new recommendations. I was so excited that I made a mood board with all the covers. I would wager that that level of excitement over a new book is not unique to me. And in a world that is full of darkness right now, I’ll take that kind of innocent, giddy thrill any day.

The Let’s Talk Bookish meme is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion.

5 thoughts on “LTB: How many books is too many?

  1. There can be such a thing as too many books for a given person’s circumstances. But if circumstances permit more books enjoy getting all those books. And when circumstances don’t permit acquiring more books that just all the more reason to patronize the local library.

    FWIW books I own are a small minority of books I read (this year less than 10% of books I’ve read)


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