Sunday Post: 11/14/2021

Hello, my lovelies.

So, this week, I did a thing that I never do. I left my house for pleasure.

Now, I don’t really ever leave my house at all. I mean, I go get a haircut every once in a while. I go to the dentist. Stuff like that.

But going to dinner, to someone’s house, to the movies, to an amusement park…those ships are largely sailed at this point. I’m too disabled, and going anywhere is…exhausting.

But this week, some friends of The Lovely Roomie invited us to dinner. I was promised tacos, and they delivered. Beef AND chicken. We played a new-to-me board game, I got to meet their amazing kids. There were brownies, and a lap dog who got pretty fresh with me.

I love a dog who doesn’t really have boundary issues.

It was exhausting, but fun exhausting. I told them we’d do it again, and I even meant it.

I did an experiment this week. I watched this TikTok, and I thought, wow…that seems like a horrible idea. Where can I get Lemonheads?

And so, in the name of science, I present to you, my experiment in progress:

That’s Samantha Jane photobombing.

On the topic of leaving the house, this coming week, I have four—or three—doctor’s appointments. I say ‘or three’ because Kaiser sent me four simultaneous texts to confirm and in the process of en masse confirming, I accidentally confirmed and then cancelled one. Gonna try to fix that early tomorrow. It was the one appointment I *actually* wanted, so fingers crossed.

But I need to see my neurologist to finish up the disability process, and I need a mammogram, and I need a COVID booster.

Most importantly, I want an eye exam. It’s come to my attention that PAIR eyewear will sell me Hufflepuff frames…and now that I know that I can have Hufflepuff frames, well…how does one live with knowledge like that?

Go badgers!

Also, this happened.

I read five books this week, every one of them an exercise in not reading the book I should have been reading. I really am *such* an emotional reader. No matter how good something is, no matter how much I want to read it…when the time comes, if I’m not in the mood to read it, well…I just read something else.

Quick Reviews

What If It’s Us
is a queer romcom about two boys (seventeen-ish years old) who sort of meet in a post office, and then completely lose track of each other. The book is largely their journey back together. I like Becky Albertalli, but this one fell a little flat for me. Well Matched is the third installment in Jen DeLuca’s Renaissance Fair series, and it was cute. The female lead is not my favorite, but it was good to see the male lead in a featured part after having him in the background for two books. The Trouble with Hating You was a enemies-to-lovers romance, and The Spanish Love Deception a fake-dater, and both of them had the same problem, which is that, once our leads fell for each other, the hate was replaced with over the top declarations of romance and intention. I’m always put off by books who forget who their characters are as soon as they get together. So, meh. Finally, Blue Screen, a throwback to a book unread in a mystery series by the late Robert B. Parker. This one featured some romantic complications that I am keen to see how Mr. Parker’s resolved…but I might not get back to the next book for a minute.

OK, that’s all from the 52 scarf drawer. I’m going to go make some tea and try to read the book I should be reading. Cause next week’s review book ain’t gonna read itself.

Till next week, stay safe, read something amazing, and hydrate! Winter is coming, y’all, and forced-heat dry skin is no joke.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Post: 11/14/2021

  1. Ohmygosh!!!!! Thank you for telling us about the Harry Potter frames!!!! I’m terrified of eye exams so I was dreading my Dec 14 appointment, but now I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I have really bad eyes and need like 3 pairs of glasses…one for reading, one for looking up to watch TV and one for walking/driving so hopefully, at least ONE of my prescriptions will be one that the Pair Eyeware place can put into a Ravenclaw frame for me!!!!!!! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

    Also, how wonderful that you were able to leave the house to go enjoy tacos, brownies and games with your friends!

    I watched the clip of Taylor on SNL. Great song! Loved the video. Who is that song about?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, and I also need three frames! I hate progressives, so I am stuck with reading, computer and distance glasses. The cool thing about Pair frames is that if you buy the same basic frame, the toppers are interchangeable. so, that Ravenclaw frame would work with all three pairs. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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