Love Your Library: October 2021

16 books this month, 6 from the library and 9 from Kindle Unlimited plus one #arc from NetGalley.

This brings my yearly total to 137, which is 55 books ahead of goal, for this point in the year.

Guess I should adjust that goal.

Still reading a preponderance of romances, largely RomComs. I try to not judge my reading, ever. I mean, am steadfast about never judging what anyone else reads, but I am my harshest critic. As I told someone recently, though, given the timeline we live in, I’ll take all the laughs and happily-ever-afters I can get.

Let me tell you what I am concerned about, though. I mentioned last month that this is more books than I have ever read as an adult. What I didn’t mention is that in previous years, when I’ve had a monster year numbers-wise, the book hangover in January has been massive. There have been years where I read nothing in January, and I don’t want to let that happen next year. Might need to save some really juicy reads for after the holidays.

Also, I’m starting an (online) book club, so that will at least mean I’ll have to read SOMETHING.

Books that ended up abandoned were Mother May I, which I just got at the wrong time of the month, Under the Whispering Door, which was just so sad and grief-centered that I couldn’t get past about 20% and Hummingbird Salamander, the style of which was very offputting. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it, maybe I didn’t feel up to fighting through.

Looking at the holds list, though, there are probably a dozen books there that I keep bouncing to later and later in the year, which might mean that I am not really THAT interested in them after all. I might do a purge at the end of the year. How long do you keep a book in hold limbo before you acknowledge that you just aren’t that into it?

Library Books I Read in October

Kindle Unlimited Books I Read in October

Currently Reading

State of Terror, Louise Penny and Hillary Clinton

Checked Out, Reading Soon

  • Well Matched, Jen DeLuca
  • Utopia Avenue, David Mitchell
  • Blue Screen, Robert B. Parker
  • The Love Hypothesis, Ali Hazelwood
  • The Trouble with Hating You, Sajni Patel
  • Harlem Shuffle, Colton Whitehead

Returned Unread

  • Under the Whispering Door, TJ Klune
  • Hummingbird Salamander, Jeff Vandermeer
  • Mother May I, Joshilyn Jackson

Favorite Library Book This Month (New Thing!)

Daisy Jones and The Six. No contest, and I read a lot of books that I really liked this month.

Currently On Hold

  • Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, Elyssa Friedland
  • The Lions of Fifth Avenue, Fiona Davis
  • Sooley, John Grisham
  • How to Stop Time, Matt Haig
  • The Bounty, Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton
  • The Plot, Jean Hanff Korelitz
  • The Troop, Nick Cutter
  • A Time for Mercy, John Grisham
  • Detransition, Baby, Torrey Peters
  • Unbound, Tarana Burke
  • The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Beach Read, Emily Henry
  • Apples Never Fall, Luanne Moriarty
  • Never, Ken Follett
  • Much Ado About You, Samantha Young
  • Malibu Rising, Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Just Haven’t Met You Yet, Sophie Cousens
  • Eight Perfect Hours, Lia Louis
  • Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid

So, that’s the current state of my virtual library pile. What do you have out from the library now?

The Library Checkout blog meme was created by Shannon of River City Reading and previously hosted by Charleen of It’s a Portable Magic. It has been hosted by Bookish Beck since 2017.

3 thoughts on “Love Your Library: October 2021

  1. I’ve had some stuff in limbo, suspended hold at the library, for over a year (due to the long wait times for ebooks when they temporarily closed all physical locations back in March 2020 I basically took everything on my to-read list that was available through Overdrive at any area library and put holds on all of it – figuring that it’d eventually start rolling in).

    It feels like I’ve had perfectly logical reasons for letting them hang out suspended – mostly due to scoring a couple major deals on kindle unlimited and wanting to burn through as many books off that list as possible before the subscription would revert to full price. (And a few must read ASAP books also jumped the line). But that’s been a long time to have a book actually queued up — as opposed to living in one of a couple ever growing ‘want to read’ lists.

    But also I only read a handful of book in October – kept finding other things to do instead (which really isn’t like me).

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    1. Yeah, I noticed that. It always seems weird to think that *only* a book a week is a small number. I get that for most people a book a MONTH is a stretch goal. But, yeah, I noticed that you didn’t read that much and wondered what was up. 🙂


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