LTB: Character Archetypes

This week’s topic comes to us from Dani, who asks:

Are there any characters you feel like you’re seeing over and over again recently? The same love interest in multiple romances? The same protagonist over and over? I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Rhysand-like characters recently so I’d love to hear what characters you’ve seen too much of.

I have seen way, way, way too much of ‘the cop who always thinks that the PI is guilty of the crime.’

In fact, the existence of Lt. Connie Murphy is the reason that I stopped reading The Dresden Files series. Every year, when a new book came out, I would ask my late husband if Murphy met a gruesome end, and when she didn’t, I was immediately not interested.

I mean, how many damn times can you arrest the same person for a crime he didn’t commit…how many times can you be SURE that this time, your friend and coworker must have done it, only to be wrong AGAIN…how many times can you hijack the narrative so cheaply before you just move to the desert in shame?

For Lt. Murphy, there was apparently no limit.

And it cost them a reader.

So, friends, what say you? What is a character type that you are just OVER? I’ll happily read your bitching in the comments.

The Let’s Talk Bookish meme is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion.

2 thoughts on “LTB: Character Archetypes

  1. You get those wash, rinse, repeat characters in romance too – though they at least have the “decency” to change the name and setting. Apparently many readers love that familiarity that comes from knowing exactly what to expect. It doesn’t work for me and I would have hated Murphy too!

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