Sunday Post—10/10/2021

It amazes me how tired a weekend away can make me. I mean, I didn’t DO anything last weekend. The Lovely Roomie drove there and back, even encouraging me to sleep, like, all the time, so we would arrive with me fresh as a daisy.

Once there, I was in bed at a reasonable time every night, didn’t drink too too much, and got a ton of sleep. But I’m not used to sleeping in a bed, and I struggled to get comfortable, so the sleep, while plentiful, wasn’t exactly quality. That plus the fact that our bedroom was on the top floor, and my legs don’t work all that well anymore, so the walking upstairs—while I tried to keep it minimal—was exhausting.

So, not surprising that I mostly slept for the first two days back.

Today is a hard day, too. The Lovely Roomie (should I just call her LR for short, at this point?) lost her mom to a really aggressive cancer in the spring and the memorial is today. Her mom was amazing, with a rare lust for life and growth and creativity. She finished her memoir just a couple weeks before she died and LR’s dad edited the whole thing as a labor of love, and got it published. We will all get copies tomorrow, which is amazing. I’m so happy for Bonnie that she got this one thing finished, and I do want to go tomorrow and celebrate this passiomate, creative woman.

But at the same time, dammit, she should have seen her book.

I know I say this all the time, but man…life is brutal sometimes.

I did read four books this week, which felt like a lot since I spent so much time completely exhausted. The Holdout was a legal thriller/murder mystery by Academy Award-winning author Graham Moore. On the Ropes was a sexy romantic comedy from Kathryn Nolan, The Drowning Kind a ghost story of sorts, and also a thriller of sorts. Jennifer McMahon wrote that one. Really liked it! And Autoboyography was a queer coming of age story set against the background of the LDS church. Good, but wow…heartbreaking. From one of my new favorite Romance authors, Christina Lauren. I think that this is the third book of hers I’ve read this year, and none have disappointed.

That’s all from this end of the castle. Your homework for next week is to stay safe. Read. Tell someone you love them.

And yes, it will all be on the test.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Post—10/10/2021

  1. Life is brutal, and I’m sorry for your roomie’s loss. that’s tough. I’m glad she was able to get her memoir done though. Even though she didn’t see the finished version it’s nice that the family will be able to celebrate her life through reading it.

    “Tell someone you love them.” Great advice. you have an awesome week too. 🙂

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    1. What was even more moving than the memoir was the art show…she was a photographer and a visual artist as well as a writer, and I got to see many of her pieces at the service that I had never seen before. Baltimore really lost someone amazingly special.


  2. Vacations always leave me needing another one! Ouch for being up several flights of stairs, that’s no fun even when your legs DO work well. I will add Autoboyography to my list of “books to read when I want an ugly cry”. I do love a book that makes me sob – just not too often!

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  3. I do tend to be exhausted as well once I get back from holidays, so I always try to plan in such a way I have a day or two to recover as well! Good luck tomorrow, it’s beautiful she was able to finish her biography but it truly is a shame she wasn’t able to see it fully “finished”, if that makes sense. ‘The Drowning Kind’ does look amazing, however! I hope you (and LR) have a lovely week despite the memorial!
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

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  4. So sorry for LRs loss and yours as well, as I’m sure you loved her too. ❤️🤗❤️And I always need a few days of staycation after my vacation. Being away from home is exhausting for many reasons. Hope you have a lovely week!

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  5. I am going back to school tomorrow after a 2 week break of doing nothing but work. So I really do need a holiday. Condolences to your Roomie and to you as well. Grief has a ripple effect.

    Hope you guys will have a good and peaceful week with lots of great books to read.

    Elza Reads

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  6. Yes exactly, we went away for a couple nights and it was exhausting. We were very careful wearing masks and only getting takeout. But maybe it was all the prep and work I did before we left and now the catchup on return. I am so glad to be home. I am doing well with audio but my ebooks are suffering as I fall asleep instead of reading at bedtime.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  7. Sounds like a rough week. I think I get tired after trips too, just being away from home maybe? Who knows. I have had a copy of Autoboyography on my shelf since it came out and still have yet to read it. One of these days. Hope you have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature


  8. Vacations often tend to leave me exhausted too. I am so sorry for yours and LR’s loss. She sounds like a great woman. I am glad she was able to get her book published and hope it does well. Autoboyography sounds like a must read–and yes, heartbreaking. I am curious about The Drowning Kind. It sounds good too. I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Thank you! Her mom was all kinds of amazing. There were about 160 people at the memorial, and she seems to have touch every single one of them in some way. I’m sorry that she lost her, too, but I’m also kind of sad that BALTIMORE lost her. Thanks for the kind words.


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