Sunday Post—10/03/2021

Writing this from Deep Creek Lake, where I have spent one long weekend a year for the past eight years…and in PA with the same crew for 8 years previous. So, the same basic folks every year since 2005. We all cook, and drink and play board games and hang out in the hot tub and stay up till all hours solving all the world’s problems.

Most of us missed last year, which was kind of gut-wrenching. It felt…I mean, I understand that the reason that we weren’t together was BECAUSE of the pandemic…but it just seemed extra-cruel to be denied the one thing that could make the pandemic better…buy virtue of the fact that we were in the middle of the very thing that we needed relief from.

2020 really was the year that just took and took…from everyone.

This week on the blog, I was fortunate to publish my first #arc review. Now that I’ve signed up and gotten my first free book, the process is less mystifying. I’ll be doing more of that!

I did read four books, including two #arcs.

We are here till Monday, and then the next week involves cleaning, trying to finish all of the books on my schedule and resting up from the resting up.

Till next week, stay safe, wear a mask and read something amazing.

One thought on “Sunday Post—10/03/2021

  1. I got over excited when I first started reading and committed to more arcs than I was able to read. I try to pace myself a little better these days.
    It’s great that you could get together for a break with your friends again – last year really was tough for everyone, thank goodness we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Have a great week.

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