Book Blogger Hop: Artwork

This week’s question ones to us from Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews. Elizabeth asks:

Where do you get background images for your posts, or do you create them yourself?

Screenshots of book covers come from anywhere I can find one on the Internet. The marketing slides I use on FB and Instagram I make myself in Canva.

The blog logo I purchased from an Etsy seller, Diamond Dragon Designs. It’s only purchased for personal, non-commercial use, so if I decide to monetize the blog, I’m going to have to have someone do a new logo (which makes me sad).

The Header was also purchased on Etsy, under the same license considerations. The artist for that is Junk Journal Treasures.

Finally, I contracted on Fiverr for the content ratings and the grades. The artist for these is Prem Prodotta Roy.

All of the artists are credited on the site, too.

Someday, I’d love to have a site that is professionally designed, but they are too expensive right now! But I look at some sites and just drool. Bloggin ‘Bout Books comes to mind—that site is insane!

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