Sunday Post: 9/19/21

Not a lot happened this week—much of my productivity was derailed by a toothache. I did go to the dentist, where I discovered two things. One, I need a root canal. No surprise there. Two, I grind my teeth. I have for years, so this is not news. Anxiety disorder for the win, amirite?

What is news is that I have grinded?…ground?…them so much since my last dental visit that I have worn away the porcelain on one of my crowns, exposing the metal substrate. 1) I guess I should be wearing my night guard more faithfully, but 2) thanks, 2020. 2020 is just the gift that keeps on giving.

No root canal this week, though, because there’s too much infection, so antibiotics this week, and the root canal next week.

I did not hear from the state department, or the social security office regarding my disability claim. I did get my car towed to a body shop, so that is…something.

Largely because I write most things early, and schedule them in advance, I did post the normal five days to the blog. I’m going to be scrambling a little next week, because the tooth pain was not conducive to being awake, but I’m feeling better, so it should all be fine.

I finished four books this week—

This brings me to 111 on the year, or about 3 books per week. So, I guess it was an a above average week. One of these will get reviewed on Wednesday, but I really don’t know which one yet.

I guess that’s all from this end of the castle. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Read.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Post: 9/19/21

  1. Ouch, toothache is the very worst. I had a filling fall out last year and it was easier to book a trip to the moon than to get a dental appointment. I literally sobbed down the phone before they managed to fit me in the next day. Had they still only offered an appointment for the following week I as going to go to A&E at the local hospital.

    The cover of Shadowed Steel totally appeals to me – was it a good read?

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