Sunday Brunch: Two Books, One Stone Tag

I have seen this tag everywhere, and I think that I traced it back to its source, so mad thanks to The Book Maniac for a great tag!

The Second to Last Book You Read

The second book from the top of your TBR

This is tricky because my TBR fluctuates ALL THE TIME depending on how I feel and what I end up wanting to read next. And I am not even sure what second from the top means. Is it the third book, if you assume that the one I am reading is the first? In that case, the book I will read second after I finish the book I am reading right now is…Well Met.

Two 2-Star Reads

Two great books by the same author

Two bails, or two books you’d wished you’d bailed on, or two books you hated.

Two favorite books this year 

Two new favorite book bloggers

Because I am a new book blogger, all book blogs are new to me! Two that I LOOOVE, though, are Books Bones and Buffy and A Librarian and her Books.

A book you’ve read twice

I’d call it richly-detailed. My friend Sarah Jane would call it mind-numbing.

Two fabulous quotes from books you’ve read recently

Her mother gave her that look again. We kind of wanted the going-out, shopping, prom-going type, and we got this weird, creepy one, and we love it but what is it talking about, ever? -Truly Devious, Maureen Johnson
Maybe that’s what all lives were, though. Maybe even the most seemingly perfectly intense or worthwhile lives ultimately felt the same. Acres of disappointment and monotony and hurts and rivalries but with flashes of wonder and beauty. Maybe that was the only meaning that mattered. To be the world, witnessing itself. -The Midnight Library, Matt Haig

So, this is where I am supposed to tag two people, but I’m just gonna say that if you like this tag, please tag yourself!

Next week, I am debuting a new feature in this space—The Sunday Post! In the end, wow, Sunday Brunch was a drain on my precious brain-resources. Mad respect to the folks that dream up new meme content every week—I found it exhausting! But Sunday Post looks like a lot of fun, and it’s a chance to inject some personal stuff into the blog, which I’m kind of here for. So, farewell for now Sunday Brunch.

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