Sunday Brunch: Books you put off reading but ended up loving

So, today’s question came to me as I was drifting off to sleep after a long, wonderful zoom call with fellow bloggers (and lifelong friends) Blogferatu and Frankenberry.

What is a book that you put off reading, and ended up loving?

For me, totally The Pillars of the Earth. I can’t tell you how many times I picked that book up at the checkout on a Friday night at Borders. I kept thinking, you really ought to give this a chance. It’s Ken Follett! You know it’s well-written…but then I remembered the whole part about cathedral building, and nodded off waiting for the lovely woman who was going to authorize my trade of money for books to say “next!”

So years. YEARS I didn’t read this book.

And then I did and it immediately became probably one of my top three books of all time. Maybe top two.

Lesson learned…at least as far as THIS book is concerned. I do still keep putting off the sequels, though, so…maybe not.

So, readers…is there a book that you wish you’d read sooner? I’ll take your regrets in the comments.

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