Let’s Talk Bookish: Blog Posting Style

The sheer number of memes in this corner of the blog space is staggering. Every time I go to my Reader, someone that I am following is answering a new question, from a new corner of the bookverse. I was not in the market for more things to talk about, but this one spoke to me, so here we are.

The Let’s Talk Bookish meme is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion. It’s sort of a Bloggers on Bloggers thing, where folks suggest topics that they would like to see other bloggers write about. This week’s topic is: WHAT IS YOUR POSTING TYPE? (Suggested by Nicole @ Thoughts Stained with Ink.

I saw this week’s topic first over at A Librarian and Her Books, and blogger Amy had further divided the topic into questions, which I am shamelessly going to steal. I mean, they are good questions!

Do I schedule my postings before publishing?

Most of the time, I do. I try to stay a few days ahead of real time, so that I don’t feel pressured to write something **right now** if I’m not feeling like it. I have Sunday’s post in the bag already, and I’m working on next week’s Top Ten Tuesday, and also next week’s Book Blogger Hop. I haven’t started the Wednesday review, but that’s because I just finished the book I want to talk about an hour ago!

The exception to the plan in advance model is when I see something, like this topic, that inspires me to grab a keyboard and just pound it out. Which sounds so much dirtier than I intended. But you knew what I meant, right?

How much editing do I do?

So much. I re-read everything a million times, looking for spelling errors, and words that I used more than once. Awkward phrasing. Repetitive…repetitions. Right now, I’m debating the dirty phrase above. Will it stay in? No one knows.

How often do I post per week?

When I started this blog, the plan was one post, one book, one review per week. That is why the blog is called fifty-two: fifty-two books, fifty-two weeks.

That didn’t even last through the first week. I realized that I would never get any traction here in the book bloggerspace with one post a week. And yet, I can’t seem to post more than one review per week, because that interferes with my ability to read enough books to keep up. I mean, I have my very aggressive napping schedule to consider.

So, I’ve been filling in the blanks here and there with memes, and the occasional post about my actual life. I am hoping to settle into 3-4 posts per week, but right now, I’m averaging around 5-6.

How much actually blogging versus networking do I do?

I’m so new here that this one is tough to answer. I’d say that it’s about 50/50 right now.

How has my blogging style changed since I started?

I just started in July, so there has really not been much of a change, and I would like to say that there won’t be going forward. I’m older than the Appalachian Mountains that I grew up in, and my writing style has been the way it is since I started writing anything, way back in the seventies. I am, in the immortal words of Byrne, David, the same as I ever was.

Wanna tell me about how you blog? I am genuinely curious, so please either answer these questions for me in your own blog post, or hit me up in the comments.

The Let’s Talk Bookish meme is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Blog Posting Style

  1. I’ve been around the book blogosphere for a long time and I’ve never heard of the Let’s Talk Bookish meme. Sounds fun. I might have to start participating! There are a lot of bookish memes/events—it would be impossible to do them all or even keep up with all of them.

    I’m impressed with how organized you are in your blogging. Other than Top Ten Tuesday, which I do most weeks, I just post whenever the heck I feel like it! I’m always WAAAYYYY behind on reviews, so a more organized approach would probably be a good idea…


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  2. This is the only thing that am remotely organized about! But I’ve watched my buddy JT over at Blogferatu struggle with deadlines for long enough that it’s pushed me to stay ahead of the wave. If only my dishes were done and my bills were paid with such intention!

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  3. I am like you. I prefer to plan my posts in advance. Normally, I try build up a storage of posts, which I can use in weeks, where I don’t have time to write.

    If you want to post more than once a week, there are lots of memes and tags, you can use as fillers. Memes are also a great way to meet new bloggers. I’ve rarely posted more than weekly (in long periods less than weekly). It is perfectly possible to gain traction even if you don’t post that often, although perhaps it takes more time.

    Good luck with your blog and don’t be afraid to ask more experienced bloggers for advice. I’ve found the book blogging community to be extremely supportive and nice.


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