Sunday Brunch: Book Talk Edition

A long, long time ago, there was a website called Sunday Brunch. Every Sunday, they would publish a themed set of questions that people would grab and post to their Live Journals. They would answer the questions, and others would answer in the comments, or grab the questions for their own blogs or both. Or Something like that. It was 2004, so I am a little fuzzy on the details.

While I’m on the topic, how is my Live Journal still accessible? I mean, I found it yesterday, and it’s all miraculously still there. So odd.

Anyway, I checked and sundaybrunch.org is no more.

However, it’s still a good idea, so I’m resurrecting it, with a book slant. Obv.

So. Sunday Brunch question the first—

Do you prefer Series or Standalones?

I prefer long-form fiction in all iterations. I generally prefer TV series over movies, novels over short stories, and series over standalones.

For me, the real joy is in the learning, and the growing and changing of the characters. When I get to the end of a book that I really loved and there is NO MORE time with these characters, I feel…well, a little bereft.

For this reason, I don’t usually read the last book in a current series. I try to stay one book behind so that there is always the promise of more. I still haven’t read Kenzie and Gennaro #6, for example, because I can’t face saying goodbye.

Also, I think that having stories that play out over time makes the payoffs all the more rewarding. Getting the bad guy after 350 pages is way less satisfying than getting him after 4550 pages.

So, me, firmly team series.

How about you guys? Answer the QOTW in the comments.

Today’s question shamelessly stolen from Yuki Reads.

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